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How do I find colleges with strong basketball programs in my area?

As an aspiring college athlete, I want to stay near home for family reasons. How can I research which local colleges have good basketball teams and support for student-athletes?

7 months ago

Hey there! I totally understand the desire to stay close to family during your college years. A great place to start your search is to look at the athletic conferences for schools in your area, as they often have divisions that rank the competitiveness of the teams. For a firsthand look at the programs, you can check out some of the games if possible. This gives you a sense of the team's play style and atmosphere.

Additionally, reaching out directly to the school's athletic department or attending college sports camps in the summer can offer insight into their support for student-athletes. My own kid had a fantastic experience at a summer camp that really opened his eyes to the quality of the program. Don't forget to look at the school's academic support for athletes, like tutoring programs and study tables, as well as their graduation rates for athletes – it's super important to have that balance and support. Lastly, you might consider getting in touch with a current student-athlete or a coach for a chat; they can often provide the most honest perspective on the strengths and downsides of their programs. Best of luck finding the right fit!

7 months ago

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