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Do colleges differentiate between academic core GPA and overall GPA?

Hey everyone, does anyone know if admissions offices focus more on your academic core GPA rather than your overall GPA, which includes electives? How much does this distinction matter?

7 months ago

Hello there! Yes, many colleges do pay attention to the 'academic core GPA' which encompasses the core subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages. This core GPA is often seen as a better indicator of your academic readiness for college-level work. Electives, while still important, are considered supplementary.

The distinction matters because the core courses reflect the essential skills and knowledge base that colleges expect students to build upon in their post-secondary education. However, do keep in mind that colleges also value the breadth of your studies, so a diverse range of electives can still enhance your application by showing your varied interests and skills. It's all about balance – excel in your core subjects, but also pursue electives that interest you and can showcase other strengths or talents you have.

7 months ago

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