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To ED or Not to ED, That Is the Question

Okay so I'm a bit torn about whether applying Early Decision (ED) to colleges is a good move. How do you guys decide if ED is the right option? I'm kind of worried about the binding decision and whether or not I'd have a better chance of getting in.

Do the benefits of potentially higher acceptance rates outweigh the commitment? Would love to get some insights from those who've gone through this!

7 months ago

ED can be a strategic decision if you have a clear front-runner school. Since it's a binding agreement, ED should only be chosen for a school that you're not only qualified for but also would be excited to attend without hesitation.

The stats do suggest a higher acceptance rate for ED applicants, but it's tied to the fact that schools like to secure a part of their incoming class early and possibly to reward the demonstrated interest. It's vital to have your financial planning sorted because you won't be able to compare financial aid offers from other institutions. If the school you're considering EDing to meets 100% of demonstrated financial need, that's a reassuring factor.

Some schools offer an Early Decision II round, which allows you more time to weigh your options while still showing commitment. However, be sure that you could attend happily, even if it was the only school you got into.

Lastly, ensure that your application is as polished as possible—applying ED doesn't compensate for a rushed or incomplete application. A well-prepared application sent ED to a school you love, and can afford, may indeed increase your odds in a competitive admissions environment.

7 months ago

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