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Help with approaching AP Lang synthesis essay prompt?

I'm a bit stumped with the whole 'synthesis' concept for the AP Lang essay prompts. How do you typically approach them, and do you have any structure or technique to share that could help clear up my confusion?

7 months ago

I can see how synthesizing sources can be a hurdle, but with a bit of practice, I'm confident you'll get the hang of it! A synthesis essay asks you to combine information from various sources to make a coherent argument on a given topic.

A helpful structure to follow is to start with an introduction that includes your thesis statement — the central idea of your essay. Then, move on to body paragraphs where each one should focus on a single point that supports your thesis; integrate at least two sources into each paragraph as evidence, making sure to analyze and explain the relevance to your argument. Always have a mix of quotes, summarization, and your analysis. Be careful to cite your sources correctly as well. Wrap up your essay with a conclusion that restates your thesis and summarizes your main points, perhaps adding a reflection on the broader implications of your argument.

Over time, you'll develop your own technique, but this format is a solid foundation to start with. Don't hesitate to reach out for more personalized help — practice makes perfect!

7 months ago

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