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AP Lang rhetorical strategies - which are key?

Hello! AP Lang exam is approaching, and I need to sharpen my rhetorical strategy understanding. What strategies are absolute must-knows for the exam, and does anyone have tips or resources to help solidify them in my brain?

7 months ago

Hi there! It's fantastic that you're proactively preparing for your AP Lang exam. Key rhetorical strategies you should be comfortable with include ethos, pathos, and logos, which are the appeals to credibility, emotion, and logic, respectively. Additionally, understanding the use of rhetorical devices like metaphor, simile, hyperbole, and parallelism will be very beneficial.

To solidify these concepts, I recommend actively practicing with past AP exam prompts and multiple-choice questions. You can find these on the College Board's AP Central website. Furthermore, annotating as you read can help you actively engage with the text and pinpoint the strategies used. One more tip is to create flashcards of various rhetorical terms and their definitions; this can be a great way to commit them to memory. Remember, consistent practice over time is more effective than cramming, so make it a regular part of your study routine. Best of luck with your studies!

7 months ago

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