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Deciding between a BFA and a BA degree - insights?

I’m torn between pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. I'm passionate about theater but also want a well-rounded education. Could someone share the pros and cons of each based on personal experience or knowledge?

7 months ago

If you're looking at focusing intensely on theater with an aim to enter a professional career directly in that field, a BFA might be the right choice. It's a professional degree with more contact hours dedicated to your craft, involving rigorous training and practical experience. A BFA typically has fewer general education requirements, which means more time dedicated to theater classes.

Conversely, a BA provides a broader education. You'll have more electives and room to explore other academic interests, which could be beneficial if you're considering a wider array of career options or even graduate studies in a field that isn't theater. Yet, it may not offer the same depth of focused training as the BFA.

Think about where you see yourself in the future: if you're looking for depth and specialization in theater, BFA could be the route; if you prefer a broader educational experience with time for multiple interests, BA might suit you better. Lastly, consider the schools you are interested in—look into the structure of their theater programs and see which aligns with your career goals and academic preferences.

7 months ago

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