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What should I do if my ACT test gets canceled?

Sooo my ACT test is coming up, and I'm a tad worried with all the unpredictabilities lately. What are the steps I should take if my test center cancels my ACT at the last minute?

7 months ago

I completely understand how stressful these kind of cancellations can be, especially when you've been preparing for a while. If your ACT test center cancels at the last minute, the first thing you should do is check your email and the ACT website for any rescheduling information or alternative test center options. ACT typically tries to assist in finding a new test date or location for those affected by cancellations. You can contact ACT customer service for personalized assistance as well.

Meanwhile, keep your study momentum going so you're prepared for the next available opportunity to take the test. Additionally, reach out to the colleges you're applying to. Inform them of your situation. Many schools are understanding of these circumstances, especially in recent times, and might offer flexibility on their standardized test requirements or deadlines. Remember that many colleges have also moved to a test-optional policy, so depending on where you're applying, it may not be as critical as it once was to submit an ACT score.

Don't forget to look at alternative testing dates in case there is another upcoming one that fits into your application timeline. Stay positive and use the extra time to your advantage if you can.

7 months ago

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