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Need book recommendations for SAT prep!

Hey! I’m looking for good books to help me study for the SAT. Has anyone got recommendations for books that significantly helped with their studying, and possibly even boosted their score?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's wonderful you're being proactive about your SAT prep. A popular choice for many students is 'The Official SAT Study Guide' published by the College Board. This book includes practice tests created by the test makers themselves, and it's often considered the most reliable source of actual SAT-like questions. For strategies and techniques, 'The Black Book' by Mike Barrett offers some unique insights on approaching test questions, which can complement the official guide. Many students also find 'The Critical Reader' series by Erica Meltzer especially helpful for improving on the reading and writing sections. Lastly, if you're looking for in-depth math practice, the 'College Panda's SAT Math' book by Nielson Phu can be a great resource.

Keep in mind that while books are a great tool, consistent practice and understanding your errors is key to improving your score. Happy studying!

7 months ago

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