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Getting AP Scores Earlier?

I’ve heard some people mentioning ways to get AP scores early but is that even possible? Or is it even allowed? The anticipation is killing me, and I just want to know how I did!

7 months ago

I certainly understand the anticipation of waiting for AP scores—it can feel like a long wait after all the hard work throughout the year. Officially, the College Board releases AP scores in early July on their website. However, scores are released on different days based on your geographic location within the US.

There are unofficial methods that students have used in the past, like using a VPN or a proxy to access scores from an area where they’ve already been released. But I must emphasize, these methods can violate the College Board's terms of service and could potentially lead to consequences. Also, accessing scores early in this manner does not provide any real advantage since the scores will be made available to everyone eventually, and colleges will receive them at the same time regardless.

My advice is to hang in there and wait for the official release of scores. The time will pass before you know it, and in the meantime, you could engage in activities you enjoy to distract yourself from the waiting game. If you feel particularly anxious, talking about your exam experiences with friends, family, or even a counselor can sometimes help alleviate some of the stress associated with the wait. Stay positive, and remember that no matter the outcome, your efforts in taking AP courses and exams have already helped prepare you for future academic challenges.

7 months ago

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