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What Should I Know Before Taking AP Physics?

Hey, I'm thinking about signing up for AP Physics next year, but I'm not sure what math skills I need beforehand? What are the prerequisites or concepts I should definitely understand before starting the class?

7 months ago

Understanding your concern about being well-prepared for AP Physics, let me assure you that it is a wise step to assess your math skills in advance. Typically, for AP Physics 1, algebra and basic trigonometry are essential. You'll be dealing with equations and solving for variables, so comfort with algebraic manipulations is a must. As for trigonometry, you should be familiar with sine, cosine, and tangent functions as they relate to right triangles, since these concepts come in handy when resolving vectors and analyzing forces.

If you're considering AP Physics C: Mechanics or Electricity and Magnetism, a strong grasp of calculus is vital as the curriculum involves differential and integral calculus. It's recommended that you take or concurrently enroll in a calculus course.

A good way to prepare might be to review math concepts over the summer or work through practice problems related to these topics. Also, talk to your current math teacher for advice on strengthening these skills or consider enrichment programs if available. With a solid mathematical foundation, you'll find grasping the physical concepts in AP Physics much more approachable. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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