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What argumentative essay topics are engaging for college students?

Hey friends! I need to pick a topic for my argumentative essay that would engage a college audience but feeling uninspired. What are some of the topics students have found most interesting or provocative to debate about?

7 months ago

Hey there! Selecting a gripping topic for your argumentative essay is a great chance to showcase your critical thinking and writing abilities. Topics that engage a college audience often probe contemporary societal issues or philosophical debates. For instance, you might argue about the ethical implications of artificial intelligence in daily life, the impact of social media on mental health, or the balance between privacy and security in the digital age. Other provocative topics could include the feasibility of a universal basic income, the role of protest movements in shaping policy, or the effects of remote work on urban development.

Remember to choose a subject that you're passionate about, as your interest often transfers to your writing, keeping your audience engaged. Moreover, make sure to research thoroughly and present a balanced view before leading to a convincing argument. Have fun writing, and I'm sure you'll choose something fascinating!

7 months ago

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