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Where can I find good AP Calculus practice problems that actually simulate the test?

Hey everyone, I'm prepping for the AP Calc exam and I really want to make sure I'm solidifying my understanding. Does anyone have recommendations for resources, like websites or books, that offer practice problems similar to what's on the exam? Need to get that good practice in.

7 months ago

Hello there! I'm glad to see you're proactively seeking out resources to prepare for your AP Calculus exam. A fantastic place to start is the College Board's website itself. They provide official practice questions and past exams, which are the most representative of what you'll find on the test. 'AP Central' is where you'll want to look.

Another option is to get a hold of review books by publishers like Barron's and The Princeton Review. They not only have practice questions but also explain the answers, which can help reinforce your learning. For online practice, Khan Academy offers free resources that are organized by topic, so you can focus on areas where you need the most practice. I'd also recommend checking with your Calculus teacher to see if they have any practice problems for you to do. Remember, consistent practice and understanding the 'why' behind each solution are key. Good luck with your studies!

7 months ago

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