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What Counts as an Extracurricular Activity?

I gotta ask, what actually counts as an extracurricular activity for college apps? I’ve been told a few different things, and I don’t want to mistakenly list something that’s not considered one. Can someone give me the rundown on this?

7 months ago

Great question! An extracurricular activity is essentially any pursuit you partake in outside of your required school curriculum. This includes clubs, sports, music, arts, volunteering, internships, part-time jobs, and even hobbies you're dedicated to!

It's all about showcasing your interests and the skills you've developed. What's crucial is your level of involvement and commitment. For instance, if you've been part of a robotics team and contributed significantly to the group's achievements, that's a solid extracurricular! Or, say you have a side project like a blog on environmental issues, that's another impressive example.

It's not just formal clubs and sports teams that count. If you've been actively engaged and can demonstrate personal growth or impact, it could count as an extracurricular.

Just remember to communicate your roles, accomplishments, and the time you've invested when you list them on your applications. That'll help admissions officers understand the extent of your commitment and the skills you might bring to their campus.

7 months ago

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