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Need help finding AP Lang argument essay examples

Hey everyone! I’ve been trying to practice for the AP Lang argument essay, but I’m struggling to find solid examples to study from. Can anyone point me in the direction of some high-scoring essays or resources that I can analyze?

7 months ago

I totally understand the challenge of finding good AP Lang essay examples, but good for you for reaching out! A useful resource you might not have tried yet is the College Board website itself. They provide actual essays from previous years’ exams along with scores and scorer comments. This not only gives you examples of what to emulate, but also annotates the strengths and weaknesses directly, which can be incredibly instructive.

If you're looking for more guidance, your AP Lang teacher might have additional essays from former students who scored well. Analyzing these with your teacher could give you insights that are more tailored to what might be expected from you in particular. Additionally, try to get a hold of a reputable AP prep book, as they often include sample essays with scorer commentary. Remember, reviewing these examples is a great step, but also practice writing your own and getting feedback on them as regularly as possible. Good luck with your practice!

7 months ago

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