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Could you give me a full list of AP exams offered?

I'm mapping out my schedule for the next couple of years and want to incorporate some AP classes. Does anyone have a complete list of all the AP exams available? Want to see what all my options are before I make a decision.

7 months ago

Certainly! It's wise to consider all of your options as you plan your academic schedule. The College Board offers a range of AP exams across various subject areas. Here is the full list of AP exams as of the current offerings:

- Art and Design

- Art History

- Biology

- Calculus AB

- Calculus BC

- Chemistry

- Chinese Language and Culture

- Computer Science A

- Computer Science Principles

- English Language and Composition

- English Literature and Composition

- Environmental Science

- European History

- French Language and Culture

- German Language and Culture

- Government and Politics: Comparative

- Government and Politics: United States

- Human Geography

- Italian Language and Culture

- Japanese Language and Culture

- Latin

- Macroeconomics

- Microeconomics

- Music Theory

- Physics 1: Algebra-Based

- Physics 2: Algebra-Based

- Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

- Physics C: Mechanics

- Psychology

- Research

- Seminar

- Spanish Language and Culture

- Spanish Literature and Culture

- Statistics

- United States History

- World History: Modern

Remember to consult with your school to see which AP courses are available to you, as not all schools offer every AP course. Best of luck with your planning!

7 months ago

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