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IB diploma grades and college admissions

Hi friends, I'm an IB diploma candidate and I'm a little stressed about how my IB grades will be assessed by colleges. Does anyone know how they compare to the regular GPA system in the US?

7 months ago

Hey there! I completely understand why you'd be curious about this, as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program has its own unique grading scale. The good news is that US colleges are quite familiar with the IB and often view it favorably because it's rigorous and well-rounded. For admissions purposes, colleges typically convert IB grades into the 4.0 GPA scale, with an IB score of 7 roughly equivalent to an A or 4.0, and so on down the scale.

In addition to your grades, colleges will consider the level of courses you've taken; for instance, Higher Level (HL) courses are seen as particularly challenging, similar to taking AP classes. Remember to highlight any especially strong scores, such as 6s or 7s on your HL courses when you apply. Finally, your Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge components can be unique talking points in your application – they indicate to colleges your ability to undertake serious research and philosophical thought. While the IB grading scale is different, rest assured that admissions officers are equipped to recognize the hard work behind your IB scores!

7 months ago

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