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Boston College vs Northeastern: How did you choose?

I love both schools but I've got to choose one. Can anybody share their personal experience about making the choice between Boston College and Northeastern, especially in terms of student life, opportunities, and academics?

7 months ago

Hey there! My kid faced a similar situation last year, and we made a comprehensive pros and cons list for each school.

Boston College has a more traditional campus vibe and a strong Jesuit community, which she loved, while Northeastern is more urban and has a renowned co-op program that integrates real-world work experience into the academic journey. She ultimately chose Northeastern for the hands-on opportunities and the bustling city environment—she's a go-getter and was eager to jump into work experiences related to her major.

I'd suggest visiting each campus—if you haven’t already—to see where you feel most at home. Also, think about the kind of college experience you want: a serene, collegiate atmosphere at BC or a fast-paced, career-focused environment at Northeastern. Keep in mind the academic programs too; each school may have strengths in different areas. My advice is to go for the one that aligns best with your academic interests and the type of environment where you'll thrive both personally and professionally.

Good luck, it's a tough choice but either way, you're gonna have a great college experience!

7 months ago

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