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What kind of awards and honors should I include in my application?

I'm a bit confused about what counts as 'impressive' for the awards section on the Common App. Are things like 'Student of the Month' or honor roll worth mentioning, or should I stick to bigger stuff like national competitions?

7 months ago

Absolutely include awards like 'Student of the Month' and honor roll in your application. While it may be true that national competition titles can be seen as more prestigious, local awards show your commitment and recognition in your immediate community. They provide a narrative of consistency in performance and are evidence of your positive qualities that perhaps aren't reflected in national awards. Especially if your list is not filled with national or state accolades, these local honors can demonstrate that you are a valued member of your school community.

However, if you have more than five awards, and you believe some of them overshadow 'Student of the Month'-style recognitions in terms of prestige and relevance to your proposed field of study, prioritize those first. Remember, depth matters over breadth, so reflect on which of your recognitions paint the most detailed picture of your strengths and achievements.

7 months ago

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