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Boston University Waitlist - What Are My Chances?

Just got waitlisted at BU and I'm kinda stressed. Does anyone know anything about their waitlist acceptance rate, or has anyone been accepted off the waitlist in previous years? How did you make your application stand out?

7 months ago

Hang in there! Being on a waitlist is indeed stressful, but remember that there is still a chance. For Boston University, the acceptance rate from the waitlist can vary each year, depending on how many spots open up after the initial round of acceptances. Rest assured though, in previous years students have been offered admission from the waitlist.

To enhance your chances, ensure that your interest in BU is clearly communicated. You can do this by sending a letter of continued interest to the admissions office, highlighting any new achievements or accolades you've received since your initial application. Additionally, if BU is your top choice, make that clear in your communication with them. Keep your grades up and stay involved in your extracurricular activities as well. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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