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Why should I bother with Science Olympiad?

To anyone who's been part of Science Olympiad, I'm wondering if it's worth the time investment. Does it really stand out on college apps, or is it more for the experience and knowledge gains?

7 months ago

I completely understand where you're coming from, wondering about the value of investing your time in Science Olympiad. It can definitely be a valuable extracurricular activity, both for your personal growth and for college applications. If you excel in the competitions, it could count as a Tier 3 activity, which shows that you have specialized interests and skills in science.

However, the real value comes from how you engage with the activity. Are you taking on leadership roles, initiating projects, or winning awards? These aspects can bump it into Tier 2, showcasing high levels of achievement and leadership.

Beyond college apps, experiences like Science Olympiad can also deepen your understanding of scientific concepts and offer opportunities to collaborate with peers who share similar interests. This can enrich your high school experience and even help you determine if a STEM field might be the right path for you in college. Therefore, the decision to join should align with your genuine interest in science and desire for hands-on learning, as well as a strategic choice for your college applications.

7 months ago

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