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What's the BU essay vibe?

Hey guys, starting to brainstorm for the college essays. Anyone willing to share their approach for the Boston University essay? Just wanting to get a feel for the expectations. No need for examples, just the general do’s and don’ts would be great.

7 months ago

Hey there! Absolutely, I can give some insight into BU's essay approach. Try to focus on being authentic and showcase what makes you unique—BU is looking for genuine students who'll contribute something special to their community. Reflect on your personal growth, intellectual curiosity, and how you see BU fitting into your future.

Steer clear of generalized statements and try to be specific about how BU's particular offerings align with your goals, whether it’s a specific major, faculty, research opportunities, or student organizations. The admissions committee would much rather hear about what drew you to your prospective major and how the resources at BU will further your education than why you think Boston is such a great city. Another common mistake is to rehash your resume; instead, use this opportunity to tell a personal and engaging story that reveals new information about yourself.

And of course, keep it polished—proofread, proofread, proofread! Good luck with your writing!

7 months ago

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