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Got a shot at Case Western's BS MD program?

Hey folks, I'm really interested in Case Western’s BS MD program and was wondering if anyone here has gone through the application process. How competitive is it really? And what kind of experiences or stats did accepted students have? Any insight would be amazing.

7 months ago

Hello! My child applied to several BS MD programs last year, including Case Western's. I can give you a bit of an overview from our experience. It's a highly competitive program, with a very low acceptance rate (I think it's around 1%) as it offers a direct path to medical school. Successful applicants typically have a strong foundation in science and health-related extracurriculars, and shadowing experiences with doctors can really help. They often have top grades and test scores that suggest they can handle rigorous university level science courses. For example, my child had worked in a research lab and volunteered at a local clinic, which gave her application a strong edge. It's not just about academics or test scores, though; they're looking for commitment and a clear passion for the field of medicine.

I'd definitely recommend reaching out to the admissions office at Case Western to get more specific insight into what they look for in BS MD candidates, as each program can be unique in its expectations. And don't forget to ask them about any program-specific essays or recommendations they might require. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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