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How competitive are BS/MD programs as of 2024?

I'm pretty set on pursuing medicine and heard BS/MD programs might be a good fit. Can someone clue me in on how competitive these programs are in 2024? Trying to gauge my chances and whether I should apply this upcoming cycle.

7 months ago

BS/MD programs continue to be incredibly competitive, with acceptance rates often much lower than traditional undergraduate programs at the same institutions. For example, programs like Brown's PLME or Northwestern’s HPME have acceptance rates that have historically been well below 10%, and often even more selective than Ivy League admissions. Typically, you’ll find that successful applicants not only have near-perfect GPAs and test scores but also have significant extracurricular involvement in the medical field such as research, volunteering at hospitals, shadowing physicians, and sometimes even publications or conference presentations.

Moreover, these programs typically look for a demonstrated commitment to the medical profession over a period of time, not just a spike in interest during high school. It’s essential to have a strong narrative that ties your experiences together and displays a genuine passion for medicine. If your profile matches this level of achievement and dedication, it would be worthwhile to apply. However, ensure that you also apply to traditional undergraduate programs to broaden your options. Be prepared for rigorous interviews as well, which are a key part of the selection process for BS/MD programs. Remember, each program has its unique selection criteria beyond just academic metrics, so it's crucial to research each program you're interested in to tailor your application accordingly.

7 months ago

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