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Looking for some fancy words to spruce up my college essays!

I've heard having a strong vocabulary can really make your college essays stand out. Anyone have suggestions for big, impressive words that won't make my writing sound overdone or pretentious?

7 months ago

Using a strong vocabulary can indeed help your essays stand out, but it's crucial to ensure that your writing remains genuine and easy to read. The goal is to communicate your ideas clearly and authentically, not to simply showcase your vocabulary.

Consider using vivid language that paints a picture or conveys your emotions effectively. For example, instead of saying 'very tired,' try 'dead on your feet' or 'wearied' for more impact. If you describe an experience as 'important,' perhaps 'pivotal' or 'formative' would add depth. However, the most compelling essays are those that reflect the writer's true voice, so use any advanced vocabulary sparingly and only when it feels natural.

Be cautious of using thesauruses to replace every other word—it can easily backfire and make your essay seem forced. After all, an essay teeming with unnecessarily complex words could detract from your message and alienate your reader. A good rule of thumb is to read your essay out loud; if any words or phrases make you stumble or sound awkward, consider revising them. Remember that clarity and authenticity are key!

7 months ago

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