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How do colleges view the Coalition App compared to the Common App?

This might be a silly question but is there a difference in how colleges view the Coalition App versus the Common App? Like, do they prefer one over the other, or is it pretty much the same thing to them?

7 months ago

Not a silly question at all! From the college admissions perspective, there is no preference between the Coalition Application and the Common Application. Both platforms are widely accepted and are simply different tools that serve the same purpose: to streamline the application process for students applying to multiple colleges.

The Coalition and Common Apps each have a slightly different interface and may have unique essay prompts or college-specific questions, but admissions committees evaluate the applications with the same criteria in mind. The content of your application—your essays, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and academic record—is what truly matters, not the platform you choose to submit it through.

However, the Coalition App does have a feature called the Locker where students can store documents and materials over time, which is not present in the Common App. Some students find this helpful for organizing their application components. Ultimately, you should choose the application that best fits your needs and where you can present your accomplishments most effectively. Just ensure that the colleges you're applying to accept the application you choose to use.

7 months ago

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