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Should I mention my community organization leadership on Common App?

Fellow applicants, I'm filling out my Common App and I've been really involved in a local community-based organization. Should I prioritize this in my activities section? How can I show colleges the impact of my role?

7 months ago

Absolutely, your leadership role in a community organization should be highlighted in your application. Colleges are eager to see your commitment to leadership and service. In the activities section, focus on the responsibilities you held and the tangible impact your contributions had. For example, if you led initiatives that resulted in a certain number of volunteer hours contributed, or if under your leadership the organization expanded its impact in a quantifiable way, these are worth mentioning.

Don’t forget to use strong action verbs and be specific. If there's a story that encapsulates your experience or achievements, consider detailing that in your personal statements or supplemental essays. It's the unique stories and clear evidence of impact that often catch an admissions officer's eye. Good luck!

7 months ago

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