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What degrees are good for introverts?

I'm pretty introverted and am wondering which degrees might suit me best. Has any introvert here found a major or career path that works really well for them? Hoping to get some insights!

7 months ago

Hello there! It's wonderful that you're considering how your personality might mesh with your future studies and career. As an introvert, you may prefer environments that allow for independent thought and work. Degrees in fields such as computer science, writing, or library science can be well-suited for introverts as they often provide the space for focused, solitary work. Computer science, for example, involves a good deal of problem-solving on your own and can lead to roles in software development or data analysis, where one can engage deeply with the task at hand.

Writing, whether it's technical writing, content creation, or novel writing, also offers the opportunity for introspection and working at your own pace. Library science can lead to a career as a librarian, which involves organization, research, and helping patrons in a typically quiet environment. That being said, it's important to note that almost any degree can be made introvert-friendly depending on how you approach it and the roles you choose within that field. Internships and hands-on experiences can also give you a better feel for what suits your social preferences in a professional setting.

Remember, too, that college is a time for growth and self-discovery, so don't hesitate to explore different subjects even if they initially seem outside your comfort zone. Sometimes, we find our niche in unexpected places. Best of luck as you find the major that best resonates with your unique strengths and preferences!

7 months ago

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