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When are decision dates for colleges in 2023?

As the application deadlines come and go, I've been trying to organize all the dates in my head. Does anyone know where I can find a consolidated list of decision dates for 2023 college admissions?

7 months ago

Certainly, keeping track of all the decision dates can be challenging! Each college and university has its own timeline, but decision dates generally follow common patterns. Regular decision applicants can typically expect to hear back from colleges between mid-March and early April. For Early Decision and Early Action, notifications often come out between December and February.

A useful approach is to make a spreadsheet where you list all the schools you've applied to and note down their respective decision dates. If a school hasn't publicly announced a specific decision date, you could also reach out to the admissions office for more details. Schools often post their decision date timelines on their admissions websites, but these dates can vary each year.

Additionally, many colleges notify applicants through email or status portals, so make sure to check those regularly. Remember, if you're waiting on an Early Decision, be ready for a quick turn-around time to accept the offer and withdraw other applications if accepted. If you've applied to a wide range of schools, having this information neatly organized will definitely help ease the stress during the anticipation period. Best of luck, and keep an eye on your inbox and mail!

7 months ago

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