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What should I know about colleges with grade deflation?

Just read about 'grade deflation' and got a little worried. How does grade deflation affect life after college? Would love to hear from current students at colleges known for grade deflation.

7 months ago

Hi there! As a parent with a child at a college where grade deflation is quite prevalent, I can share a bit about our experience. Grade deflation can mean that it’s harder to achieve the highest grades, but it’s important to know that graduate schools and employers are often aware of the schools where this is common and take it into account when looking at GPAs. My child has found that participating in study groups and seeking help during office hours can make a big difference in understanding course material to combat the tougher grading scale.

Moreover, maintaining a strong work ethic and focusing on learning and improvement rather than just grades has been beneficial. This resilience and problem-solving mindset can be appealing to future employers or grad schools. Remember, in the workplace, it’s often about how you apply your knowledge and think on your feet, rather than the exact GPA you graduated with. It's also a good idea to get involved in relevant extracurricular activities and internships where you can demonstrate your skills and work ethic outside the classroom.

While grade deflation can be a challenge, with the right approach and perspective, your college experience and future prospects can still be very bright. Encourage your student to keep making meaningful connections with professors and staying proactive in their learning journey!

7 months ago

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