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Aim for College Essay Guy's Stanford essays advice?

I stumbled upon the College Essay Guy's materials, especially his tips for Stanford essays. Are his strategies solid, and did anyone here actually use his advice to get into Stanford (or another top university)?

7 months ago

Hello there! My son used some of College Essay Guy's tips when he was applying to schools. We found his approach pretty helpful for guiding the structure and voice of the essays, especially for such a creative and reflective place like Stanford. What we liked was the emphasis on authenticity and storytelling, which really helped my son express his unique traits and experiences.

While there's no magic formula to gaining admission to top universities, the strategies from College Essay Guy can help a student present their best self on paper. For example, my son took the advice about being introspective and ended up writing a very personal essay on how his love for coding grew from a childhood fascination with puzzles to launching his own app. It's really about how the advice is used to craft a story that's true to who you are.

Remember, though, it's just one of many resources out there, and students have been accepted into Stanford without it; ultimately, it's the genuine qualities and experiences you convey that hold weight. Good luck!

7 months ago

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