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AP Lit essay format - how to ace it?

I'm good with analysis but formatting essays? Not my strong suit. Anyone got the deets on the AP Lit essay format or tips to ensure I'm hitting all the structural points that the graders are looking for?

7 months ago

Absolutely, formatting can seem daunting, but once you understand what the AP graders are looking for, it'll become second nature. Start with a strong thesis statement that clearly responds to the prompt — this will be your roadmap. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that directly relates to your thesis, followed by specific evidence from the text (quotations are great!), and then your analysis of how that evidence supports your argument. Make sure to explicitly tie your points back to the thesis to create a cohesive essay.

Finally, don't forget your conclusion; it should not only restate your thesis in a new light, considering the arguments you've made, but also bring new insight to the piece. Using this structure should help you present your ideas in a clear and organized manner, and with practice, you'll excel. And remember, clarity and cohesiveness trump fancy language; it's more important to be understood than to sound sophistic.

7 months ago

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