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When do December SAT scores typically get released?

Hey everyone! I'm kinda antsy here waiting to know my December SAT score. Does anyone know when College Board usually releases them? How long does it typically take?

7 months ago

Hello! Waiting for scores can indeed be a bit nerve-wracking, but fret not, the results are usually on their way by a certain date. The College Board typically releases SAT scores about two weeks after the test date. If you took your SAT in early December, you can expect to see your scores by mid-December. You'll receive an email notification from the College Board once your scores are available, and you can then check them online through your College Board account.

Keep in mind the exact release date can vary slightly, but the two-week timeframe is a general rule of thumb. Until then, try to take your mind off it with a relaxing activity or focusing on other aspects of your college applications. Wishing you the best with your scores!

7 months ago

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