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What's BU's waitlist acceptance rate looking like?

Just got waitlisted at BU, and now I'm in limbo. Does anyone know the stats on their waitlist acceptance rates or have any recent stories about getting in off the waitlist?

7 months ago

Hey there! The waitlist process can indeed feel a bit like limbo, but hang in there. Boston University, like many institutions, does not publicly release specific waitlist acceptance rates as they can vary greatly from year to year. These rates are influenced by how many admitted students choose to enroll, among other factors.

In past years, a small percentage of waitlisted students have been offered admission, so there's always a chance! In the meantime, I recommend you send a brief and respectful update or letter of continued interest to the admissions office. This should reiterate your enthusiasm for BU and include any significant accomplishments you've achieved since your original application. Make sure to also have a plan in place for attending another institution in case you don't get off the waitlist. Keep your chin up – being waitlisted means you were a qualified candidate, and you'll have great college options regardless of the outcome with BU!

7 months ago

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