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Where can I find cool internships for high school students interested in tech?

Currently a junior very interested in tech, wondering where I can apply for cool internships that accept high schoolers. Has anyone had any great experiences they can share?

7 months ago

Hey there! As someone who went through the search with my own child, I can definitely share a few tips. For tech internships, my kiddo found a lot of success with local tech companies and startups; they tend to be more open to high school internships. She would directly email the company expressing her interest and sometimes got positive responses. Also, check out the website of any nearby universities or colleges. They often have summer programs for high school students that can offer internship-like experiences.

Plus, don’t forget about online platforms like Internships.com and Indeed; filter your search to 'tech internships for high school students.' My daughter also joined a few related Facebook groups and forums where people would sometimes post opportunities. Lastly, she tapped into our personal network, asking if family friends or I knew of any possibilities in tech companies. She ended up with a fantastic summer internship at a local startup where she's learning tons! I suggest starting to look and apply as early as you can, as these opportunities can be quite competitive. Good luck!

7 months ago

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