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Applying to Case Western: Tips on their Supplementals?

Could use a hand with the supplemental essays for Case Western Reserve University. For those who’ve successfully navigated this, any advice on how to make my essays stand out? What do they really look for in a candidate's responses?

7 months ago

I'm glad you're reaching out for advice on Case Western's supplemental essays. For these essays, specificity is your best friend. Rather than giving broad statements about why you like the school or generic descriptions of your achievements, dig deep into the details.

Show how your interests align with specific programs or opportunities at Case Western. For example, if you're interested in their biomedical engineering program, talk about how a certain course or lab facility excites you and how you plan to engage with it. Also, reflect on your personal experiences and how they've shaped your aspirations. The admissions committee is looking for authenticity and a clear sense that you're applying because Case Western is the right fit for you, not just because it's a respected institution.

A well-crafted essay that resonates with your genuine intentions and interests can leave a lasting impression. Be sure to have a teacher, counselor, or another trusted individual review your essays before submission; a second set of eyes can catch mistakes and offer valuable feedback!

7 months ago

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