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Physics Requirement for College?

What's up guys? I'm trying to finalize my senior year schedule, and I'm a little torn. Do you absolutely need to take physics in high school to be a competitive college applicant, or can I get away with not taking it if I'm planning to major in something unrelated, like English?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're carefully considering your senior year schedule. For students planning to major in the humanities, like English, not having a physics class on your transcript isn't typically a deal-breaker for college admissions. Admissions committees generally look for students who have taken a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum throughout high school, but they also understand that not every student will excel or have an interest in every subject.

That being said, some colleges do like to see that students have taken classes across the core academic subjects, including science. If you have taken other science courses, such as biology and chemistry, and have shown strong performance in those, it's unlikely that the absence of a physics class will significantly impact your application, especially if you're not planning on entering a STEM field.

If you have room in your schedule and think you can do well, including physics could add to the rigor of your curriculum. However, if you feel that another course would better play to your strengths and academic interests, it could be more beneficial to focus on that instead. Make sure to keep the balance right for you!

7 months ago

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