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UMich Early Action Decisions?

Hello! I'm a bit stressed about Early Action applications, and I was wondering – does UMich outright reject some applicants during EA, or do they usually defer the majority to Regular Decision? I'd appreciate any experiences or information on this matter!

7 months ago

Hello! It's perfectly natural to feel stressed about Early Action applications. To answer your question, yes, the University of Michigan does sometimes reject applicants outright during the Early Action (EA) process. However, a significant number of applicants may be deferred to Regular Decision for further consideration. There's no uniform approach and decisions can vary depending on the applicant pool and other factors.

It's important to remain optimistic and be proud of the application you have submitted. Additionally, EA results are not an accurate reflection of your likelihood of acceptance during the Regular Decision round to other universities. Should you be deferred or rejected during EA, take this opportunity to reevaluate your application and make any last-minute improvements for other schools' Regular Decision deadlines.

Best of luck with your application, and stay positive!

7 months ago

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