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Has anyone worked with college essay editors?

Thinking of getting some extra help with my essays and considering hiring an editor. Do you all think it's worth the investment? Did it make a difference for anyone else here?

7 months ago

Absolutely, having a college essay editor can be a tremendous help. It's not just about fixing grammar or punctuation, but also about honing your voice and ensuring your essay truly reflects who you are and what you bring to a college campus. A good editor can help you dig deeper into your experiences and ideas to present them in the most impactful way. For example, instead of just discussing a sports tournament, they could guide you towards exploring what those experiences say about your leadership, resilience, or ability to work in a team.

If you decide to hire one, make sure they don't write the essay for you; their job is to guide and refine your own thoughts and words. In my experience, I've seen a well-edited essay make a significant difference, especially when students start with a good story but need assistance in structuring it effectively. Remember, though, it is an investment, and you should weigh it against other potential expenses in your college application process.

7 months ago

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