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Key Math Concepts for the SAT

What math concepts should I absolutely know before taking the SAT? I want to make sure I have all my bases covered since math isn't exactly my strong suit.

7 months ago

This is a good question; mentally preparing for the types of questions on the SAT is incredible smart. To bolster your confidence and cover your bases, focus on the fundamental areas that frequently appear on the exam. Arithmetic operations, algebra, and functions should be your foundation. You'll need to be comfortable with percentages, ratios, direct and inverse variation, and interpreting linear functions.

Geometry figures prominently, so you'll want to review properties of angles, circles, triangles, and polygons. The SAT also includes questions on volume and surface area, so be sure to brush up on those formulas. Additionally, grasp the basics of statistics, like mean, median, mode, and range, and understand how to analyze data from tables and graphs.

A good strategy could involve doing practice problems and pinpointing any recurring mistakes or difficult concepts, then giving those areas extra attention. You might consider investing some time in Khan Academy's SAT prep or checking if there's a prep class available at your school or local community center to help reinforce these key concepts.

Lastly, remember the test will include some advanced math concepts like complex numbers and trigonometry. While these aren't as heavily represented, knowing them can help you tackle the full breadth of questions you'll encounter. Keep practicing and take several timed practice tests to get used to the pace and pressure of the SAT. Trust in your preparation, and remember it's okay to find certain areas challenging. With a clear focus on these math concepts and consistent study, you'll improve your proficiency over time.

7 months ago

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