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Submitting Applications Before Recommendations Are In?

Is it cool if I submit my college apps before all of my letters of recommendation come in, or should I wait for everything to be ready? I don’t want to mess up my application by being too early or too late with submitting it.

7 months ago

Absolutely, it's totally fine to submit your applications before your letters of recommendation have arrived. In fact, it's very common for students to do this. Most colleges understand that you have control over your portion of the application and not the supplementary materials, such as recommendation letters or transcripts, which are sent by your school or recommenders. What's important is that you meet the deadline for the parts of the application you are responsible for.

Just make sure your recommenders are aware of the deadlines and follow up with them to ensure they submit their letters on time. And remember, your application won't be reviewed until all parts have been received, so early submission can actually expedite the process once the final pieces arrive. As an example, many of my students submit their Common App well before the deadline, and their recommenders send in their letters closer to the deadline. This strategy hasn't caused any issues.

Submitting early can also ease your mind and reduce last-minute stress. Just be diligent after submission to confirm that all parts of your application have eventually been received by the colleges. Best of luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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