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Extracurriculars: Quality over Quantity?

So I’m trying to finalize my extracurricular list and I'm not sure whether to focus on having a ton of activities or just a few that I'm super involved in. What do colleges prefer, a wide range or deep involvement?

7 months ago

That's an excellent question! Colleges definitely prefer to see deep involvement in a few activities over a laundry list of memberships with no substance. They are looking for commitment and leadership, which are better demonstrated through significant involvement in fewer activities rather than minimal participation in many.

To put it in perspective, think about crafting a narrative with your extracurriculars—that you are someone who delves deeply into interests and achieves meaningful results or growth rather than someone who skims the surface of many areas without leaving a mark. For instance, if you've been involved in science research and managed to get recognition at science fairs or by contributing to a published paper, that speaks volumes compared to simply attending a lot of science club meetings.

Aim to engage in activities that you are truly passionate about and where you can take on leadership roles or produce tangible accomplishments. These experiences will not only be more fulfilling for you personally but will also resonate more profoundly with college admissions committees. Remember, it's the impact of your actions in these activities that count, not just the act of participating.

7 months ago

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