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Can anyone share successful Columbia essay strategies?

Hey guys, with applications coming up, I’m really curious about what types of essays resonate with Columbia’s admissions. I'm not asking for the essays themselves, but rather the themes or approaches that worked. What did you emphasize in your essays that you feel made them successful?

7 months ago

Hey there! Absolutely, the key to a successful Columbia essay is capturing how you, as an individual, align with Columbia's values and offerings.

For instance, if Columbia's core curriculum excites you, focus on how your love for cross-disciplinary exploration will thrive there. Columbia is known for valuing intellectual curiosity and community engagement, so essays that demonstrate a genuine passion for learning and a desire to contribute positively to the world can resonate strongly.

When sharing your stories, it's effective to focus not just on what you've done but also why you did it and how it shaped you. For example, if you spearheaded a community service project, go beyond stating what happened—explore your motivations, the challenges you faced, the impact on your community, and your personal growth. Such reflections can provide a deeper understanding of your character and potential contribution to the Columbia community.

Lastly, authenticity should be the cornerstone of your essays. It's tempting to tell the admissions team what you think they want to hear, but offering a genuine representation of your interests, goals, and personality will be far more powerful. Be honest, be yourself, and connect your narrative to the unique aspects of Columbia that genuinely excite you. And of course, each essay should be read through meticulously to ensure clarity and adherence to word limits. Best of luck—you've got this!

7 months ago

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