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Can anyone recommend creative writing summer camps that might impress colleges?

I really want to dive deeper into creative writing this summer. Ideally something that might stand out on my college app. Any of you know good summer camps or programs that focus on creative writing?

7 months ago

It's wonderful to see your commitment to creative writing! One program that stands out is the Iowa Young Writers' Studio, hosted by the University of Iowa, which has a strong reputation for its Writers' Workshop and could certainly add a distinctive touch to your college application. Another highly regarded option is the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop, conducted by Kenyon College. Both programs offer intensive summer sessions where students can learn from established authors and improve their craft.

In addition to these programs, you might also consider community service or personal projects related to writing. For example, starting a writing club in your town or organizing a community storytelling event could demonstrate initiative and leadership while also being rewarding. Remember, colleges appreciate when students show genuine passion and take the initiative to pursue their interests in-depth. Whichever program or project you choose, make sure it reflects your genuine interest in creative writing and you're able to articulate what you learned from the experience in your application. Best of luck with your writing!

7 months ago

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