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Anyone got into the Columbia Fly-In program?

I’ve just heard about Columbia's fly-in program and it sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Does anyone know how selective it is or what they look for in applicants? If you got in, could you share a bit about your profile or give tips?

7 months ago

I'm delighted you're exploring fly-in programs, such as the one offered by Columbia. While I don't have the current acceptance rates for Columbia's program, these fly-in programs are indeed quite competitive, as they aim to provide underrepresented students a closer look at the college experience they offer.

Typically, successful applicants to these programs have strong academic backgrounds. Being in the top percentage of your class, having a rigorous curriculum, and demonstrating intellectual curiosity can all improve your application. However, Columbia, like most institutions, also values a compelling narrative: what unique perspectives or experiences would you bring to their campus community?

Remember, it's not only about your GPA and test scores. Your extra-curricular activities, leadership roles, and community involvement also tell a significant part of your story. Personal essays are paramount—they're your chance to show Columbia not just who you are, but who you will become and how you will contribute to their community.

If you're considering applying, start by focusing on your academic achievements and crafting your personal narrative. Good luck, and reach out if you need guidance on the application process!

7 months ago

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