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Path to becoming a diplomat - where do I start in high school?

I’ve been dreaming about a career in diplomacy for a while now. For those in the know, what should I be focusing on in high school to set myself up for this path? Are there specific courses, extracurriculars, or summer programs I should look into?

7 months ago

It's wonderful to hear about your aspirations in diplomacy! Start by focusing on strong communication skills and a well-rounded education. Take challenging courses in history, government, economics, and foreign languages. Try to excel in debates and public speaking, and consider joining Model United Nations, debate club, or a similar extracurricular activity. Look for opportunities to develop your leadership skills, such as taking charge in a club or organizing community events.

Summer programs and internships related to diplomacy, international relations, or global affairs can be valuable experiences. Research programs offered by universities, think tanks, or government institutions. Programs like the United States Youth Ambassadors Program and the National Security Language Initiative for Youth can be highly rewarding in your pursuit of a diplomatic career.

Remember, persistence and passion are key in achieving your goals. Adapt to new experiences and keep learning about different countries, cultures, and current global affairs. Good luck on your journey!

7 months ago

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