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What is the best way to explain how I spent my last two summers during high school?

I need some advice on how to approach the 'How did you spend your last two summers?' question on my college applications. Should I focus on my jobs, the skills I learned, or just cool experiences I had? What do admissions officers value the most from this info?

7 months ago

When addressing the 'How did you spend your last two summers?' question, think about presenting a balanced narrative that highlights meaningful experiences, skills you developed, and any relevant job or volunteer work. Start by considering the most significant activities during those summers and their connection to your interests or academic goals.

Demonstrate to admissions officers how you used your time productively and grew as an individual. If you held a job, briefly describe your role, emphasizing any leadership or teamwork opportunities. Also, mention any new skills or personal growth resulting from that experience.

Additionally, discuss any unique or cool experiences you had, especially if they're related to your passions or long-term goals. These experiences may pique the interest of admissions officers and showcase your dedication to a particular area.

Remember, admissions officers value genuine and authentic stories; focus on what made these summers meaningful to you. Strive for a concise and well-organized response to make it easy for the reader to understand your journey during those summers.

7 months ago

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