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Experience at Livingstone HBCU?

Hey everyone, I've been considering applying to Livingstone since I'm looking for a solid HBCU experience. Anyone willing to share how their time was/is there? What's campus life like, academics, social scene, etc?

7 months ago

Hey there! From what students say, Livingstone is a good choice for an HBCU experience. The campus is fairly small, which means a tight-knit community and more personal interactions with professors.

Academically, Livingstone offers various majors, and they emphasize a liberal arts education. Students report that the professors really care about their students and are invested in their success. While the academic environment can be challenging, it's also pretty supportive.

As for campus life, the social scene seems to be pretty active with plenty of clubs, organizations, and events to choose from. Greek life, in particular, plays a significant role in campus culture. Additionally, the athletics program is a big part of the social scene, so be prepared to show your school spirit!

Overall, Livingstone has plenty to offer academically and socially. However, what's important is to consider what you value most in a college and whether Livingstone aligns with your preferences. I encourage you to visit the campus, if possible, and connect with current students to get an even better understanding of what life is like there. Best of luck in your decision!

7 months ago

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