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What HBCUs are in Mississippi, and what are they known for?

Hey guys, I've been thinking about applying to an HBCU and I heard Mississippi has a few. Does anyone know which HBCUs are there and what unique programs or attributes they have? Trying to figure out if any might be a good fit for me.

7 months ago

Hello! Mississippi is indeed home to several historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Among them are Alcorn State University, Jackson State University, Mississippi Valley State University, Rust College, and Tougaloo College.

- Alcorn State University is known for its strong programs in nursing, agriculture, and music.

- Jackson State University is a research-intensive institution with strong business, engineering, and education programs.

- Mississippi Valley State University offers a diverse array of programs, including a unique mass communication and broadcasting program.

- Rust College, a liberal arts institution, is recognized for its emphasis on social justice and community engagement.

- Lastly, Tougaloo College is known for its pre-med and pre-law programs, as well as its small class sizes and tight-knit community.

Each institution has its own specialized programs and strengths. Take some time to research and visit, if possible, to find the best fit for you. Good luck!

7 months ago

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