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What is the highest level of math I should take in high school to impress colleges?

Hey everyone! I'm planning my schedule and I'm a bit stressed about math. What's considered the highest level of math that colleges want to see on high school transcripts? Should I push myself to take Calc BC, or is Calc AB enough?

7 months ago

Though there isn't an exact 'highest level' of math that colleges expect, it often depends on the school and the individual student. Generally, colleges appreciate seeing a rigorous curriculum, and taking more advanced math classes, like Calc BC, can help with that. However, it's important to balance your course load and make sure you're comfortable with the class's level of difficulty.

Consider your college plans—is there a specific major you're interested in? Some majors may have higher math requirements, so taking Calc BC can be beneficial in those cases. Ultimately, it's about what's best for you. If you're confident in your math abilities, then Calc BC might be a great fit.

If you prefer a more balanced course load and think Calc AB suits your needs, that's perfectly fine too. Colleges want to see you challenge yourself, but they also understand the importance of finding the right math level for each individual.

7 months ago

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