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What is grade deflation and how does it affect my college chances?

I've heard the term 'grade deflation' thrown around, but I'm not entirely sure what it means and how it might impact my college application process. Can someone help clarify this for me?

7 months ago

Grade deflation refers to the practice of awarding lower grades than students might expect based on their performance or compared to the grading system in other schools. It usually occurs when schools have strict grading policies or insist on maintaining a certain average grade among students.

Its impact on your college application depends on the context. College admissions officers are aware of grade deflation practices in particular high schools or regions, and they take it into account when evaluating applicants.

While it's true that higher GPAs generally make you more competitive, colleges consider your performance within the context of your school environment. So, if you attend a school known for grade deflation, admissions officers will factor that in when assessing your academic achievements.

To strengthen your application, focus on maintaining strong grades relative to your school's standards, and try to showcase your other strengths through extracurricular activities, meaningful essays, and strong recommendations from teachers and counselors. Good luck!

7 months ago

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